Author Topic: $50 bot, need help connecting avr isp2/mkii programmer to avr studio 4  (Read 3200 times)

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  First off let me say this is my first robot and I am very inexperienced. I just got my AA degree and now I'm going to UF for electrical engineering school.

Ok, so I'm using windows 7 64 bit which makes things a little hard because my computer won't install the avr isp2 driver. I did however get the driver installed and i see it in the device manager. The CD that came with the programmer won't execute for some reason. It just opens up internet explorer and nothing happens.

Oh, im using an ATmega8.

I have both green lights lit up on the programmer.

Can someone please tell me what I have to do to get my robot moving?

I have the source code and header code uploaded on avr studios as well as the makefile from the tutorial.

Is there anything i have to change in the makefile or avrdude or avr studios to make it compatable with the isp2 programmer (6 pin). I did make the 6 pin header on my pc board and soldered the wires accordingly off a schematic i found on these forums.

 Do I used avr studios to program the bot or do i still use ponyprog? I have been trying to use AVR but when i go to "Connect to the selected AVR programmer" the connection fails. Is there somewhere in AVR that i need to change from the cheap dongle programmer to the expensive avr isp mkii progammer? because at first started trying to program it i was using the cheap programmer but had problems with the usb to serial adapter and gave up and bought the 6 pin avr isp2 programmer.

ok so my makefile in avr studio 4 says this....

# Programming support using avrdude. Settings and variables.

# Programming hardware: alf avr910 avrisp bascom bsd
# dt006 pavr picoweb pony-stk200 sp12 stk200 stk500
# Type: avrdude -c ?
# to get a full listing.

# com1 = serial port. Use lpt1 to connect to parallel port.
AVRDUDE_PORT = com1    # programmer connected to serial device

How can i change this code to make it work with the 6 pin AVRISP mkII programmer instead of the 10 pin AVR dongle programmer?

Sorry for my bad grammar and everything.
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Thanks adanvasco but not quite what i was looking for.

I do have a question pertaining to this though.

When i go to measure the voltage for the 6 ISP header pins. I get 5v for the /RES and (VCC or VTG) im using avrisp mkii programmer.

But i only get like .10 volts for the rest of the pins, SCK, MOSI, and MISO. does this mean i did something wrong?


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