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Author Topic: Uno R3 robot concept  (Read 1884 times)

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Uno R3 robot concept
« on: January 14, 2013, 11:47:38 AM »
Background: i work with boe bot and robonova robots normally
i am starting a project that will use a breadboard, new uno r3, and 2 or more servos

current servos i will use with this project are

Virtuabotix Two SG90 9 Gram Micro-servos

(my board and other materials are being shipped)

 my goal is to make a little robot that drives around my house autonomously , and will react if say a person or cat gets in front of it by running away or trying to go away from object
the servos are small and will be used for testing , as im not sure they are strong enough to pull the robot, ill probably upgrade to some universal servos and get some larger wheels.(ill probably attach them to the robonova to move its head or something)

i have never worked with uno boards, but a friend recommended them to me, and as i am proficient in c++ and C, im fairly sure i can get the concept quickly.
now im familiar with ir sensors via my boe bot, but i would like to try  ultrasonic ones if that is an option. my boe bot has a ir sensor and emitor so that it can detect objects.
now im also trying to keep this project low in price as im paying for all the supplies

if anyone has recommendations or links that could be useful , i would greatly appreciate it.

i am also forming a  humaniod adrino robot at some later date, cheap being the key idea, but i will use remote controls to operate it

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