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Development of controllers
« on: August 10, 2013, 07:40:53 PM »
Hi friends, I have several questions that are related to develop servo controllers and develop servo drivers, so if you know something or you know one good website with an article that talk about one thing that is correlated to one of these things so I will glad if you can write it in this  a replay.
1. What are the servo controller interfaces different for different encoders that input to the servo controller?
2. How to develop and build I\O for servo controllers for different kinds of I\O (Input \ Output)?
3. What are the different kinds of communication that controllers use? And I search after information of these kinds of communications.
4. I search after information about control algorithms like the equations for tracking in the close loop, solving the controller, calculation of the close loop of the system, automated PID extended, compensation and cyclic phenomenon.

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Re: Development of controllers
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2013, 11:13:16 PM »
So, basically, you want a short primer for most of the field of motion control? You'll probably need to read a number of textbooks to get that :-)

1. Find the kinds of sensors you want to use, and read the data sheets for those sensors. It could be anything from two-phase quadrature relative encoders, to full digital encoders with SPI or I2C interface, or parallel gray code output (popular with optical absolute sensors) or an analog voltage (potentiometer-based encoders.)

2. You need to be specific with what kind of I/O you need, and what parts you have available. "How to develop a SPI interface when I'm using a Xilinx FPGA" is very different from "how to develop a robust analog sensor for a PIC microcontroller."

3. You can probably find any kind of bus. Most common are CAN bus, Ethernet, RS-485, TTL UART, and step/direction. Although "controller" and "communication" are so vague as to be useless. There are controllers that use WiFi for communication, or optic fiber, or mechanical devices.

4. Again, you're going to have to either look for textbooks, or go to an academic search such as citeseer or google scholar or whatever.

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Re: Development of controllers
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2013, 08:30:39 AM »
Look at what the available motor controllers use for communication. Look for commercial servo manufactures and study their manuals.

As for the internal feedback and control methods look for App Notes from makers on processor and control chips. Microchip is one that I know has a number of good App Notes on the various aspects of designing a servo controller. Go to their web site and read the App Notes.

This does sound like a homework assignment. We can help point you to info but will not do the assignment for you.


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