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Greetings robot makers, here is my recent creation - a differential drive robot controlled from an Android device. The robot’s “brain” is Arduino Uno compatible board (an “Arduino on a breadboard”). The robot uses a JY-MCU Bluetooth module for communication with the Android phone. A custom Android app, created with the MIT App Inventor 2 essentially acts as a remote control, sending commands to the Arduino that tell the robot to move forward, reverse, stop or rotate. The robot has 2 hc-sr04  ultrasound and uses them to detect obstacles and override the manual commands, when I try to run it into a wall.

Here is a video of it in action:

Controll an Arduino robot with an Android phone over Bluetooth

More info and link to the Arduino sketch and the App Inventor 2 Project is below:
Arduino-Powered Robot Experiments - 42bots.com


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