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Author Topic: Cool Kickstarter! Learn about robotics with swarm bots  (Read 1717 times)

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Cool Kickstarter! Learn about robotics with swarm bots
« on: July 04, 2014, 04:50:15 PM »
Hey, my name is William Long and I'm a part of Narwhaledu.

We're a kick ass Kickstarter 8) oriented towards educating all peoples about the cool-ness of robotics and engineering. Our next kit that will be available on Kickstarter involves synchronizeable swarm bots (Small, numerous robots with RGB LEDs that can be individually controlled, and programmed to be synchronized to music, and create some pretty cool formations) that are wayyy cheaper, and equally as cool as current swarm bots available on the market. 

We'll be offering a class, along with three swarm bots all for a price cheaper than what is currently available. We are expecting to launch in approximately three weeks, so spread the word!  :D :D :D . If you've got any friends or family who've always been interested about robotics, but never had a chance to learn THIS IS A COOL OPPORTUNITY!

If you want to get an idea, here's something similar to what we are doing, check out this video that is not ours (YOU COULD LEARN HOW TO BE DOING THIS BUT ON A SMALLER SCALE) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S95KiPws54M

Please take a look at our Facebook page for updates in these coming times (you know, and like it and stuff please): http://on.fb.me/1vlLuzx
Check out our kickstarter page (The big place, where the swarm bots will be first available) : http://kck.st/VyOiPn
And maybe follow us on twitter: http://bit.ly/Tv9aFf

We hope to hear from a lot of you guys soon!


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