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Author Topic: robot joints  (Read 1660 times)

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robot joints
« on: February 12, 2015, 06:00:05 PM »
Hey. I'm designing robotic legs but I have to decide what sort of motor is needed regarding power, force and torque. What factors come intp action such as the weight of the robotic body.

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Re: robot joints
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2015, 07:40:49 AM »
 :) Hello!
I would offer an opinion.....  ;D
Bdeuell gave a helpfull thread post on electric bicycle, which covers
power/motors, very good reference.
In regards to the body of the robot; power, force, torque, I would recommend
REA's problem solvers books, (on amazon) that convers, statics, mechanics, and physics.
A free body diagram is needed to analyze the projected forces that the robot will support
and endure. You will need this, as a tool, to help you direct your design. The forces against
the robot will dictate the strength of materials needed for your frame. That in turn, will
dictate the power of the motors that you will need. When begining, you will need to add extra
weight for the brains and batteries of the robot, not to mention an extra 10%, for life's unexpected
mishaps. Good Luck! Keep me posted......... ;D ;D ;D


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