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Author Topic: Elecrow New Products -- Crowtail Modules  (Read 2445 times)

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Elecrow New Products -- Crowtail Modules
« on: May 24, 2015, 09:47:43 PM »
Elecrow dedicates to help makers and Electronic beginners’ makings easier and faster. With the Crowtail products, users can be more focus on the concepts and ideas rather than the detailed basic electronic circuits and programming.

Composition of Crowtail
The Crowtail series products are composed of 2 functional parts: the Crowtail Base Shield, and the other functional modules.
The Crowtail Base Shield:
The Crowtail Based Shield is a standard IO expansion board of the Arduino. It regulates the IOs of Arduino to standard Crowtail interfaces, which can be sorted into 3 kinds: Analog(A),Digital(D), Uart(U) and IIC(I);
The Interfaces that marked “D” are the digital interfaces, which can be used to read or control digital Crowtail modules(Crowtail modules that have a mark “D”) such as button or LED. Besides, some digital pins can be also used to generate PWM outputs. The “A” marked interfaces are “analog ports” with digital functions and beside this, these ports can read the analog signal, such as a potentiometer or light sensor. In addition to this basic function of digital port, the interface “U” can be also used for the UART communication, such as the Wifi module or Bluetooth module. The interface “I” is for the IIC Communication and users can utilize 2 IIC modules at the same time.
Crowtail functional modules:

Currently, there are more than 30 kinds of the most popular Crowtail modules being available, including: the basic environment sensing modules like temperature / light / moisture / sound loudness / Barometric pressure sensing modules; and the basic human interface modules like LED/Buzzer/Button/Touch/OLED Display/Joystick; and other modules such as the RTC/BLE(Bluetooth 4.0) /ESP8266 WIFI and so on.

Great Features of Crowtail:
Differ from other modules, Crowtail has many great features. The Crowtail is a ready-to-use tool set. Users can use them like the Lego to create the project they like. Moreover, it simplifies the learning process significantly. Each Crowtail module supplies basic functions such as environment sensing and human interfacing. Besides, there are many other excellent features such as 1. Very easy to use 2. User-friendly design.3. Grove compatible. 4. Cost-effective.

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Re: Elecrow New Products -- Crowtail Modules
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2015, 04:00:45 AM »
 8) Awesome!  8)
I looked through your webpage. Does Elecrow offer a voice control
module on their product line? There are a lot of people on the forum
who would buy such a product. Thanks!   ;D ;D ;D

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Re: Elecrow New Products -- Crowtail Modules
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2015, 12:40:15 AM »
Hi, thanks for your question. we are so sorry that Elecrow hasn't invented such module yet. but if you have such requirement or design to us, we can also produce such voice module you need for you. There are a wide range of PCBA service and other services we can offer in the most competitive price.  Thanks!


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