Author Topic: How to get USB signal and power to run camera on 100ft of CAT5  (Read 2979 times)

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I wonder how volts these USB camera use like the Logictechs pan and tilt version.
Is there a way to keep the voltage up 100ft down the cable?  Will the USB signal make too?
Using one cable like Cat5 to get the power plus the digital signal back from the camera
100ft away would be nice. If its possible. Im going to be running it 100ft down to a underwater
USB camera maybe.

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Re: How to get USB signal and power to run camera on 100ft of CAT5
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2008, 06:43:21 AM »
There will be some voltage drop over the cable at 100ft. Here is what you can do:

Install near the camera a USB hub powered externally from a battery (not from the buss). This way the hub will raise the signal voltage on his end and the computer on the other end, so there will be less voltage drop. On the other hand, the camera will get power from the hub's power supply, so there will be no power loss over the cable. To power the hub you need to have a (1 Amp) 5V voltage regulator. I recommend a Low Dropout regulator and a 6V or 7.2V battery pack.
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Re: How to get USB signal and power to run camera on 100ft of CAT5
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2008, 01:22:36 AM »
Problem would be not being able to replace the batteries once sealed in with the camera housing.
I would need to run the USB hub from power above. Ive seen 110volt power hubs but not 12volt ones.
I want to keep things to 12volt on the boat using this underwater camera. Ive kept to 12volts for my
remote control underwater cameras so far and would like to stay that way.
Right now I turn the whole housing with motors be and it just twist the power cables when it turns and then
want to unwind when I shut the motors off. Which is not the best but I just touch one of the motor controls
and bring it back to it position. I can pan left and right up to 360 degrees but just can make it stay in one place. Its easier if I have alot of cable out. The twist isn't as tight.
Thats why I want to make a pan and tilt camera inside a housing and then turn it and not the housing.
Hope you understand what Im doing here. Ive thought about stepper motors too looking around the net.
I found a pan tilt device made for RC planes that looks like it might work and they sell a clear
dome it could go in too. It's made to hold a small board camera and uses two servos to pan and tilt.
I know servos can use radios to control them but I would need to comtrol them over a cable through the
water and to get the video back up the cable aswell.
I wonder what I would use to control the servos so I could just maybe have a joystick or just 4 buttons
to pan and tilt the camera.
Trying to figure out how those servos can be controlled. Ive seen PIC boards that people might be using.

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