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A quote for inspiration
« on: August 22, 2008, 02:52:04 PM »
I read this in the book Conquerors' Legacy by Timothy Zahn. Good book. The last in a trilogy.

The data-feed conection is established at 15:52:25, 22.41 minutes later then the estimate I was given orally at 09:21:44 this morning. There is a contact transient of 0.04 second; and then the feed settles into propert connection linkage.
   The information given to me at 09:20:21 was that I would be testifying before the inquiry board assembling in Conference Room Three of the Edo Peacekeeper base. My in-built caution requires me to confirm that I have indeed linked to the proper location. The contact trace takes me 0.02 second, and I am indeed able to confirm that I have been linked to the properly designated interface terminal. In the process I also discover that a Colbaline Type 74-D-6 encryption has been established in the data line. this to is as expected.
    I sublink the opritcal and auditory sensor of the interface terminal. The primary lens is an Avergand-4 fish eye; I calculate and initiate the necessary correction transform to bring the image into standard format. There are fifteen human beings in the room within sight of the lens: two males and one female seated at a tablecentered 21.5 degrees to the left of the terminal at a mean distance of 2.54 meters, ten males seated in a single row centered 10.3 degrees to the right at a mean distance of 4.15 meters , and two males seated 50.3 degrees to the right at a mean distance of 3.77 meters. From the auditory breathing patterns I deduce there are three more people outside the range of the lens.
  I inspect the room's occupants and compare against the 5,128,339 facial images in my current-events file. The three people at the table are senior Peacekeeper officers: Vice Admiral Tal Omohundro, Major General Petros Hampstead, and Brigadier Elizabet Yost. One of the two men seated to the far right ranks above them: Admiral Thomas Rudzinski, one of the three supreme military officers making up the Peacekeeper Triad. Seated beside him is Commander Pheylan Cavanagh, whom I flew to Edo from Conqueror imprisonment eleven days seven hours twenty-seven point four six minutes ago.
   The men in the single row are equally familiar: those who participated in Commander Cavanagh's rescue. In the leftmost chair is Aric Cavanagh, cammander Cavanagh's elder brother; (... Keeps naming people got tired of typing :)

  Vice Admiral Omohundro clears his throat. "Please identify yourself."
  I delay my reply 0.11 second in order to complete my positive identification of the copperheads, confirming all is as expected and sub link the terminal's auditory speaker. "My name is Max."
  Your operational designation and parameters?"
  I do not enjoy talking about myself. But the specific question has been asked. " I'm a parasentient computer of the Carthage-Ivy-Gamma Series. I have Class Seven decision-making capabilities, a modified Korngold-Che decay-driven randomized logic structure, Kylaynov file-access system and eight point seven megamyncs of Steuben dyad-compressed memory"

Max continues on to analyze people expressions to algorithms and conduct statistical analysis to determine mood and intent. Lots of other cool things. The book is good but Max stood out as being a computer. It would be really cool to create something that could analyze humans and predicte reactions and make decisions based on that data to interact with humans on a deeper level. Thought I would share this because it inspired me :)

Jonathan Bowen
Jonathan Bowen
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