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Author Topic: a hacker inspired robot idea  (Read 2481 times)

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a hacker inspired robot idea
« on: August 22, 2008, 03:05:23 PM »
Ok so I heard someone hackers where setting up fake prono sites to have people sign into and then linking the images that appear as human checkers from legitament sights to the fake site and having pornographic seeking morons crack the codes for them so they can make spambots on yahoo and the like.

This gave me an idea. They are basically taking something simple for humans to do but complicated in code and letting unsuspecting humans complete the calculations for them. Now this idea is partially taken from Leo Laporte in a TWIT podcast. www.twit.tv But I'm applying it to robotics. So lets say we have a robot that is navigating a space. He can calculate the route and map the room but may not be using the most efficient path. So we make a java game based on the internet and let people solve the map for the robot. Then the computer can analyze the data and determine the best path. Then the computer sends that info to the robot and the robot knows that next time it needs to go the better route and continues on his way.

Or a picture identification game that takes an image and has people identify objects in the picture. This will then let the robot tag those objects and remember their locations for later. Lets say the robot has a web cam and takes a picture of a chair from several different angles. With the picture loaded in the game he can identify the chair from the different angles of the picture and maybe even build a rough 3d model of the chair in the room without understanding what makes a chair. People can identify chairs easily but for a robot that would take huge amounts of code and processing power. So outsource the code to the robot. Obviously this would not be real time but a robot that lives in the same space most of it's life will gain an understanding of that world that would improve from day to day. And all you need is a flash or java game site setup and attract the attention of bored intrernet browsers.

It could also be used in ways were a robot needs to make a moral decision and can learn what parameters need to be taken into account by basically watching humans make decisions for it till it grows up :)
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