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« on: December 23, 2008, 04:28:32 AM »
Hello Friends, this is to inform you that
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur   presents before you ROBOTIX 09, the annual robotics competition as a part of KSHITIJ 09 (January 29,2009 to February 1,2009) the largest techno-management fest in Asia.  With the participation increasing unerringly every year, ROBOTIX has enthralled more than 2500 participants, over 1200 teams and 11 international teams in 2008, the prizes awarded being worth more than rupees two lakhs. This time the potential prize money is over $1000.
With unstoppable vigour , ROBOTIX 09 continues its saga of mind-boggling and brain-teasing events and hereby presents you with this year’s problem statements which you can view on

Among them there are two mechanical events:
wEDGED : Make your  robot  ascend an inclined wedge while  checking  its skin from two pendulums which will be oscillating over the wedge. And now , let your bot create a spectacle by jumping  off the wedge with the help of a swing!
The bot  thereafter  lands  on a rectangular block C and runs quickly into its victory zone. Collect all the necessary details from and get ready to make your bot create wonders!!!!!

#mEsh: This is the event where you can make your manually controlled bot climb and descend a metallic mesh  quite similar to soldiers who are trained to climb various heights in the army.  It should also possess the capability to move laterally as finally it has to orient itself in a square demarcated area which can be anywhere along the mesh. So start making your robot ready to  perform  cool tasks and refer for further details.
We hope that everyone of you would like to turn your weirdest immaginations into reality
Wish to see many of you at the events,

Technology Robotix Society
IIT Kharagpur


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