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AVR Disassembler
« on: January 20, 2009, 05:21:03 AM »
I figured a free AVR disassembler would be useful for someone . . .

vAVRdisasm is an AVR program disassembler. It supports all 136 AVR instructions as defined by the Atmel AVR Instruction Set, revision 0856E-AVR-11/05.

This single-pass disassembler can handle Atmel Generic, Intel HEX8, and Motorola S-Record formatted files containing valid AVR program binaries.

vAVRdisasm features a handful of formatting options, including:

      Printing the instruction addresses alongside disassembly, enabled by default
      Printing of the destination comments of relative branch/jump/call instructions, enabled by default
      Ghetto Address Labels (see “Ghetto Address Labels” section)
      Formatting data constants in different bases (hexadecimal, binary, decimal)
      .DW data word directive for data not recognized as an instruction during disassembly.

vAVRdisasm should work on most *nix platform, including a Cygwin environment.


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