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Using induction motor
« on: March 03, 2009, 06:42:04 PM »
Hi, i would like to build a type of conveyor that could transfer most of my backyard stuff to a warehouse.
I am thinking of using an induction motor with wattage of below 750W, three phase, 220V motor and i need this kind of motor to start to rotate very smoothly when power is applied to it.
I mean, when the motor is powered, i need the motor to rotate from very very slow speed and it gains speed as it spins and finally reaching the full speed.
I've advised that i need to use inverter to do it but i already have a motor which has a specification as above(induction motor with wattage of below 750W, 220V motor) so I am hoping that i don't have to spend money to buy new things.
But, current my motor has 4 wires(blue, red, brown, black) which means it is driven by a capacitor.
I've heard this kind of motor can not be operated with an inverter. But, isn't it possible to regulate power from a very weak to full supply?
I need a very simple solution. Could you advise me?
Thank you.


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