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Author Topic: On-line Nao robot programming contest  (Read 4215 times)

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On-line Nao robot programming contest
« on: April 17, 2009, 08:51:41 AM »
Call for participation to Robotstadium 2009:


Robotstadium is an on-line programming contest based on the rules of the Nao RoboCup Standard Platform League. The Robotstadium contest is free of charge and open to everyone. The contest is already active and can be joined at any time. The finals will be held during the RoboCup 2009 (beginning of July). Robotstadium uses a Webots based realistic simulation of Nao robot and soccer field. Each competitor programs a team of Nao robots using the Java, C/C++, or Python programming languages.

The winning team will receive 1000 CHF (Swiss Francs) and a Webots PRO software package. Other prices will be available for the second and third ranking competitors. Not enough? We also encourage you to donate items (robot, voucher, software, hardware, etc.) or cash to the future winners: it is possible to make an on-line donation on the Robotstadium website.

A round of matches is played every week day. The recent matches can be watched here. Currently double.p (Italy) is Robotstadium's champion, who dares to challenge him?

The current ranking is:

   1. double.p (Italy)
   2. Che (Russia)
   3. Borregos_Nao (Mexico)
   4. AsuraFit (Japan)
   5. Cracoucass (Switzerland)

If you want to participate, you can start programming right now: download Webots 6.1.2 from here:


Robotstadium 2009 uses an accurate model of the NaoV3 "RoboCup" Edition. This simulation allows you to control the robot's motors, cameras, FSRs, foot bumpers, inertial unit, LEDs, etc. and provides an accurate physics simulation (mass centres, motor torques, etc.).  You can find more info about the simulated Nao robot here.

Even if you don't want to participate to Robotstadium, you are welcome to use the latest Webots and the new Nao V3 model in your projects. The demo version of Webots will let you use and modify the Nao controllers (C/C++, Java, Python) associated with the 4 distributed Nao worlds: nao1.wbt, nao2.wbt, nao4.wbt and robotstadium.wbt. So you are welcome to use these worlds for training your algorithms for the RoboCup or for any other purpose.

I hope to see you soon on Robotstadium!
Best regards,



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