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Author Topic: OpenCV face detection  (Read 4416 times)

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OpenCV face detection
« on: August 26, 2009, 09:06:44 AM »
I got this in my email the other day. Figured it'd be useful for someone!

For anyone who's using (or wants to use) OpenCV, I've made one of my recent vision projects, QTrack, available as a free download. QTrack is a face detector+tracker. So far, I have a Win32 release only. If there's interest, I can do a linux, and possibly also a Mac, release later.

QTrack has zero configuration parameters. There are no inputs. Just call detectAndTrack(). I wrote this because the OpenCV tracker, Camshift, is fast but not very reliable for robotics use. (Humans do not always remain seated in front of the robot's camera.) QTrack is a much more reliable face tracker, and as a bonus, it's even faster than Camshift.


The setup program installs a minimal (runtime only) version of OpenCV 1.0 (the last stable release), so this can also be a fairly easy way to get started with OpenCV. It's a better installer than Intel's because it puts the dlls where the OS can find them and collects all the header files into one place. In other words, it automates the install strategy I recommended in my Servo Magazine articles.

- Robin


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