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    Robot Motor Factor Calculator

    The RMF Calculator is designed to help you decide 'is my motor strong enough for my robot?'

    It is a supplement to the robot dynamics tutorial. If you do not understand how to use this calculator, please read the tutorial first.

    Keep in mind that you may not require maximum velocity, maximum acceleration, and good hill climbing simultaneously (ie you don't mind your robot being slow if it goes up a steep slope). Determine the various worst-case situations you want your robot in, and only use the highest calculated RMF to select your motor.

    Note that all entered values will be saved as a cookie on your computer (if you have cookies enabled) so you don't need to reenter anything on future visits.

    Desired Robot Inputs:
    These are the specs of your robot, defining the properties and capabilities you wish your robot to handle.
    Desired Velocity
    Desired Acceleration
    Expected Efficiency %
    Incline Angle degrees
    Wheel Diameter
    # of Powered Wheels wheels

    RMF Results:
    This is the calculated output results. Notice the RMF value. This means that for your robot to accomplish your required specs above, you need to find a motor that has equal or higher RMF (see next section).
    RMF (zero incline)
    Motor Rotation Speed
    Energy/second Watts

    Enter Motor Characteristics:
    Now we need to find a motor that has a RMF value equal or higher than the above calculated value. Now looking up your motor spec sheet ratings, fill in this below information. Remember to check the robot parts list to find and buy your motors.
    Motor RMF (as above)

    Remember, your Motor RMF must be greater or equal to the Results RMF for your robot to acheive your desired specs.

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