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    Brazing Brazing (like welding, but way easier)
    Ever wanted to weld but always had a good reason not to? Brazing is a much better option when making small and medium size robots. The power of welding for under ~$60, and easy enough for a complete novice to self-learn.
    FEA Tutorial FEA Finite Element Analysis Tutorial
    Learn how computers can be used to computationally simulate and optimize the mechanical structure of your robot.
    Robot Chassis Construction Robot Chassis Construction
    Do you know the parts consisting of a robot, but not quite sure how to put them all together? Need to know how to say, attach a wheel to a motor? This is what you need to know to construct a basic differential drive robot chassis.
    Robot Suspension System Robot Suspension System
    The problem with a typical suspension system is that its very complex and involves many parts. As a solution, I invented a new type of robot suspension consisting of one single flexible part.
    Theory: Statics Theory: Statics
    Want to optimize your robot parameters mathematically? Want to verify that an expensive motor you are about to purchase has enough torque? Calculate things such as moment arms, gearing, friction, torque, and more.
    Theory: Dynamics Theory: Dynamics
    Mathematically optimize your robot further by calculating things such as velocity, acceleration, and momentum.
    Theory: Energy Theory: Energy
    Mathematically optimize your robot battery by calculating the required energy your robot needs to perform.
    Gears, Sprockets, and Chains Gears, Sprockets, and Chains
    Learn theory behind gears. Understand how to calculate gear ratios, torque, efficiency, and rotational velocity.

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