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    On this page you will find that which doesn't really fit anywhere else on SoR. I have included competitions, my various articles and robot news, my theories/rants, CAD info, hacked up robot toys, etc.

    List of this years Robot Competitions

    AI Supported Robot ChatRoom AI Supported Robot ChatRoom
    Socialize in realtime with others making robots, or ask the AI your robotics-related questions. All you need is a robotforum account.
    A* Robot Navigation Demo A* Navigation Demo (Flash)
    A friend of mine (who wants to remain anonymous) sent me this neat web demo of a man navigating using the A* navigation method.
    Blade CX Helicopter Blade CX Helicopter
    I opened up the Blade CX Helicopter to see whats inside. High res pics and video included.
    Build a Robot, Win $$ or an Axon! Build a Robot, Win $$ or an Axon!
    Ever wanted to build a robot but never had enough money? Now is your chance - cause I plan to empty my wallet for you!
    Haas Mini-Mill CNC Instructions Haas CNC Mini-Mill Operational Instructions
    Videos and notes on operating the Haas CNC Mini-Mill.
    CAD Posting and Viewing Tutorial Learn how to Post/View Robot CAD Files
    Learn how to post your CAD files for others to see, and learn how to view other peoples posted CAD files.
    How to Publish a Science Paper Tutorial How to Write and Publish Your Science Paper
    Planning to publish a science paper on your robot? Read this tutorial first - it'll save you from making many common mistakes.
    MOBOT (Carnegie Mellon University) MOBOT (Carnegie Mellon University)
    Build an autonomous robot that can follow a white line outside on rough terrain. The competition is located at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Check out the official MOBOT videos from previous competitions.
    Robot Sumo in Washington, DC Compete in Robot Sumo in Washington, DC
    SoR organized sumo robot competition. Contest is currently closed with no new events scheduled.
    Robot Funding Tutorial How to Fund Your Robot Tutorial
    Robots cost money, thats an obvious fact. Need money to make a bot? Read this robot funding tutorial.
    How to Hack-Proof Your Website How to Hack-Proof Your Website
    This tutorial is written for those who create hobbyist websites (such as for robotics), aren't web security experts, and want simple tips to protect themselves from hacks.
    Robot Hobbyist Trends 2008 Robot Hobbyist Trends 2008
    Have you ever wondered the demographics of who makes robots? Given SoR's extensive data collection, I attempt to scientifically answer that question.
    Robot Hobbyist Trends 2009 Robot Hobbyist Trends 2009
    I compare age and gender, per continent, on who likes to watch robot videos. The results are surprising!
    ICRA 2007 ICRA 2007
    International Conference on Robotics & Automation report. Never been to a robotics conference? Want to see what one is like? Check out my photos and experiences at ICRA 2007.
    RC Robot Shark Dissection RC Robot Shark Dissection
    I purchased and hacked open a RC robot shark toy. Included hi-res images can be very useful for those looking to make their own underwater robots. This is a two page tutorial due to all the images. See part 2.
    Robo-One 2010 Robo-One 2010
    I went to Japan to check out the most famous biped sumo competition in the world. Lots of pics and videos!
    Robotopia Rising Robotopia Rising
    An event on Japanese Culture, with a subtopic on Japanese robotics, here in Washington, DC. Included are lots of pics and videos of the event.
    SoR Biped Engine SoR Biped Engine
    The SoR Biped Engine is simple to use software to get your robot biped walking within ~30 minutes by PC control.
    SoR YouTube Channel SoR YouTube Channel
    The official SoR YouTube channel with all the latest robot tutorial videos. Don't forget to subscribe to be notified of new videos!
    WowWee Dragonfly WowWee Dragonfly
    I opened up the WowWee Dragonfly to see whats inside. High res pics and video included.

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