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    Robot Builders Bonanza Robot Builder's Bonanza, 3rd Ed
    A must have for any entry level robotics hobbyist. Covers much of the basics, including sensors, controllers, batteries, and mechanical construction.
    Society of Mind Society of Mind
    Written by Marvin Minsky, a father of AI. Great primer for those interested in Artificial Intelligence. He takes the approach that the brain is not just one computing unit, but actually a 'society' of many many different computing units working together.
    Affordable Automation Affordable Automation
    Great for building manufacturing robots. Intermediate level. Useful to learn how to build your robot cheaper and faster (not how to build a robot). If one day you plan to manufacture and market your own robot product, this is a very valuable read.


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    PIC Microcontroller Project Book PIC Microcontroller Project Book
    by John Iovine

    member quote: ". . . for a beginner's introduction to PICs and programming them, I got a lot out of [this book]. After the very basics of setting up the programmer (Epic), the software, the PIC command set and how to write some code, it goes on to cover sensors and motor control, so it's a pretty easy step from this book to robot building."

    Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots
    by Roland Siegwart and Illah R. Nourbakhsh

    member quote: "This book has been really good for opening my eyes to the upper level theory. It's definitely a survey of a lot of robotic techniques."

    Robot Building for Beginners Robot Building for Beginners
    by Dave Cook
    On Intelligence On Intelligence
    by Jeff Hawkins

    member quote: "Interesting book I just finished reading . . . An excellent read - I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to think about AI."

    Kickin' Bot Kickin' Bot: An Illustrated Guide to Building Combat Robots
    by Grant Imahara

    member quote: "I just finished reading it and it has great information on how to safely operate basically every kind of power tool and hand tool you can think of, how to build and wire a very stable mid sized robot base and lots of information on radio transmitters/receivers and battlebot weapons. I say that you didn't have any books in the battlebot category or radio control category, and this covers both of them very well. I suggest you read it, I learned a lot."

    123 PIC Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius 123 PIC Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius
    by Myke Predko

    member quotes: "do a serach for the PIC book in the evil genius series. It's so good. Covers C and assembly (although prodominantly C)."
    "I suggest buying the PIC one in the Evil Genius series"

    PIC Microcontroller: An Introduction to Software & Hardware Interfacing PIC Microcontroller: An Introduction to Software & Hardware Interfacing
    by Han-Way Huang

    member quote: "Another book - one that I use and highly reccommend - is 'PIC Microcontroller: An Introduction to Software & Hardware Interfacing' by Han-Way Huang."

    JunkBots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels: Building Simple Robots With BEAM Technology JunkBots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels: Building Simple Robots With BEAM Technology
    by David Hrynkiw and Mark Tilden

    member quote: "if you like em little insect like bots and like to recycle stuff you probably want to buy a book called 'Bugbots, junkbots and bots on weels.'"

    C Programming Language C Programming Language, 2nd Ed
    by Ritchie Kernighan

    member quote: "the classic book is 'The C Programming Language' by Kernighan and Ritchie, originally published in 1978. it's the only C programming book I've ever owned, and C is my main programming language."

    Getting Started in Electronics Getting Started in Electronics
    by Forrest M. Mims III

    member quote: "This book I bought it amazing...It covers stuff you would learn in college, but is written in a way easy enough for someone in middle school to understand."


    SERVO Magazine Servo Magazine
    A robotics magazine subscription thats great for new robotics enthusiasts.
    "SERVO Magazine is published monthly for the next generation of robotic experimenters. Servo is about Robotics, Beginner, intermediate or advanced, it doesn't matter. If you're into Robotics, Servo is for you. A definite must-read for anyone interested in building or learning about robots."
    Nuts & Volts Magazine Nuts and Volts Magazine
    Meant for those inclined towards electronics, this magazine almost always has articles that are robotics related.
    "Nuts & Volts is a monthly publication devoted exclusively to electronic topics. Nuts & Volts is written for the hands-on hobbyist, design engineer, technician, and experimenter. The diversity of subjects appeals to all levels of experience but focuses more on the intermediate to advance level reader."
    Elektor Magazine Elektor Electronics - English Edition
    Meant for those inclined towards electronics, this magazine almost always has articles that are robotics related. Read the recommendations in the forum.
    "Elektor Electronics is a British magazine that aims to inspire people to master electronics at any level by presenting construction projects and spotting developments in electronics and information technology. Every issue is packed with innovative articles, simple and complex construction projects, news, reviews, columns, and more."
    Servo Magazine Servo Magazine
    Robot magazine is geared towards those interested in starting into robotics and learn about the basics, as well as news worthy articles too.
    "Robot offers a complete mix of entry-level through advanced kit reviews, projects, hacks, and how-to's for the robotics hobbyist along with breaking robot news from around the world. Coverage of robotics competitions and educational projects rounds out this complete look at the world of hobby."

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