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    These are some of the robots I have built over the years, documented and filmed for others to learn from. If you copy any major ideas from me, please link back for credit!

    Measuring Hurricane Sandy Measuring Hurricane Sandy (2012)
    I quickly threw together a simple experiment to measure Frankenstorm (Hurricane Sandy). Nothing complicated as it only took ~2 hours to make, but shows how one can do real science from home. I wrote it up as a tutorial with a parts list and commented source code.
    Experimental Robot Platform (ERP) Experimental Robot Platform (ERP) (2007-2011)
    The ERP is being designed as an experimental platform to try out and test new robotic ideas and technologies. The most recent version uses my Axon microcontroller, Blackfin Camera, two 3 DOF arms, BlueTooth communication, and wireless bootloading.
    X Robot Arm X Robot Arm undocumented (2008)
    I built this robot arm for a client of mine in mid-2008, but I'm not allowed at the moment to talk about it. Maybe I'll release more details one day . . . sorry!
    iRobot Create Mod iRobot Create Mod (2007)
    I modded the iRobot Create to chase beer and to navigate around moving obstacles.
    Line Following Robot Line Following Robot (2007)
    This robot was built for MOBOT 2007 to use edge detection with a single photoresistor to follow a white line. The microcontroller is the same as from The $50 Robot.
    The $50 Robot with Sharp IR Rangefinder The $50 Robot - With Sharp IR (2007)
    Upgrade your $50 Robot with a servo controlled sharp IR rangefinder.
    The $50 Robot The $50 Robot (2007)
    A step-by-step tutorial to build a programmable robot for only $50. The MOST popular tutorial of this site!
    Robot Thai Boat Robot Thai Boat (2006)
    Learn how to make an artistic looking remote control robot boat. I also cover basic theory of boat design, and give pointers for various water environments.
    Pikachu 4 (undocumented) Pikachu IV (for MOBOT) (2006)
    A simple line following robot capable of doing the MOBOT competition at CMU with two photoresistors.
    Stampy the Sumo Robot Stampy the Sumo Robot (2006)
    How to build an intelligent, stealthy, fully autonomous sumo robot.
    Robot Fish Robot Fish (2005-present)
    A project I've been working on for the Navy for 7+ years. We developed the first adaptive curvature pectoral fin for a robot fish, as well as the first control system to utilize it. Two research papers are currently posted, three more papers soon, and video will come when the project is completed.
    Jesus Lizard Robot Jesus Lizard Robot (2004-2005)
    I attempt to study and then build a biped robot capable of running on water. It doesn't entirely work, but is a good demonstration of 4-bar linkages for robotics.
    Omni-Wheel Robots Omni-Wheel Robots (2004-2005)
    This tutorial teaches you the theory behind omni-wheel robots. I also demonstrate my omni-wheel robot, Fuzzy, as an example.
    Wall Climbing Robot Wall Climbing Mobile Manipulator for ASME (Mobipulator) (2004)
    This remote control robot can climb walls higher than itself, all while picking up and carrying objects.
    Robot Arm Tutorial Robot Arm Tutorial (2004)
    Learn the theory behind building and controlling your own robot arm.
    Robot Arm Card Dealer Robot Arm Playing Card Dealer (2004)
    This robot arm can shuffle, cut, and deal standard playing cards.
    Hyper Squirrel Hyper Squirrel (2004)
    Built from a hacked treaded RC chassis, Hyper Squirrel was my first attempt at high-speed reactive mapping years ago. And only taking 6 hours to build from start to finish, its also the fastest I've ever built a robot.
    Carpet Monkey Carpet Monkey (2003-2008)
    This robot was built as a locomotion type experiment, attempting to cross the efficiency of wheels with the advantages of legs. I worked on it on and off for many years, with a half dozen different versions. Continue on to view version 5. I'm currently thinking of a much better v6, and one day I'll actually make it . . .
    Taurus 2 Taurus 2 (2003-2004)
    Four independent steering wheels. Camera vision. Follows lines. Climbs stuff.
    Pikachu (undocumented) Pikachu (for MOBOT) undocumented (2002-2003)
    Pikachu was my very second robot, a differential drive robot using the CMUcam. I am not currently documenting this robot as I still use much of the technology from it when I compete in the MOBOT competition at CMU. I do however have a video posted of Pikachu.
    Taurus (undocumented) Taurus undocumented (2002-2003)
    Taurus was my very first robot back in 2002, a huge expensive failure, but also very educational. It's what started it all! One day I'll tell about my experience. For now, enjoy the Taurus video.

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