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    List of robot sensors, with detailed information and uses.
    Click for a quick sensor reference guide.

    Accelerometer Accelerometer
    Detects motion, vibration, and angle with respect to gravity.
    Advanced Sensor Interpretation Advanced Sensor Interpretation
    Tired of sensor oscillation? Want higher sensor accuracy? Learn how to make a precision mathematical representation of any sensor.
    Blackfin Camera Axon Blackfin Camera with Axon Tutorial
    Learn how to use the Blackfin Camera with the Axon (and other) microcontrollers.
    Color Sensors Color Sensors
    Learn how robots 'see' color, and how to build your own color sensors.
    Current Sensor Current Sensor
    Measure current and power use accurately with a current sensor.
    Digital Compass Digital Compass
    Detects orientation with respect to Earth's magnetic field.
    Encoder (Slot, Rotary, Linear) Encoder (Slot, Rotary, Linear)
    Used to determine translation distance, rotational velocity, and/or angle of a moving robot part. Also instructions on how to make your own encoder wheel.
    Infrared Emitter/Detector Infrared Emitter/Detector
    Emits and detects IR. Can be used for signalling, obstacle avoidance, and color detection.
    Load and Torque Sensors Load and Torque Sensors
    Measure torques and other forces directly for your robot system.
    Mercury Tilt Switch Mercury Tilt Switch
    A switch that gives a binary output, depending on the angle with respect to gravity, using mercury.
    Photoresistor Photoresistor
    Changes resistance with detected light. Can be used for simple robot behaviors, such as obstacle avoidance or photovores.
    Robot Computer Vision Robot Computer Vision
    Using a digital video camera with highspeed processing to detect the 'real world.'
    SharpIR Rangefinder SharpIR Rangefinder
    Detects obstacle range from inches to several meters. Modulated, hence immune to ambient IR.
    Sonar Sonar
    Detects obstacles and can determine object softness/hardness through echolocation.
    Tactile Bumper Switch Tactile Bumper Switch
    Detects physical contact, such as for robot collision detection.
    Voice Recognition Robot Tutorial Voice Recognition Robot Tutorial
    Learn how to give your Axon powered robot basic voice recognition.

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