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    Axon Mote Microcontroller

    Axon Mote Examples

    Axon Mote 3D Fly-through

    This intro-video consists of a 3D close-up view of the Axon Mote. Viewing it full screen recommended.

    image: SpaceBlimp4 prototype
    image: SpaceBlimp4 wiring
    image: SpaceBlimp5 box
    image: SpaceBlimp5 setup
    image: SpaceBlimp5 wiring

    Axon Mote in Space

    The Axon Mote was sent into space as a sensor measurement and data logging device. Receiving power from a solar panel, it interfaced with a suite of sensors and recorded data to memory. It text-messaged GPS coordinates using a DroneCell. During testing, it also survived a freezer and a vacuum chamber - without a hiccup.

    Wireless Tank w/Mote

    A demonstration video on controlling a wireless tank like robot using two Motes and a laptop.

    Measuring Hurricane Sandy

    We used the Axon Mote to measure the Frankenstorm hurricane, Hurricane Sandy. We collected temperature and pressure data every 5 seconds for three days, storing that data to a uSD card.

    Wireless robot cat chaser

    A simple two-wheeled robot is wirelessly controlled to annoy a cat.

    Solar Powered Mote

    Power an Axon Mote using a solar (or any) cell phone charger in seconds. No need to buy a battery.

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