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    Axon Mote Microcontroller

    Axon Mote Features
      The Axon Mote is a multi-purpose robotics device. It can be used as a datalogger, a wireless transceiver, or a robot controller. It is software compatible with the Axon microcontroller series.

    SoR Scope Datalogger
    Datalogging is useful for scientific projects, weather monitoring, space experiments, saving navigation data from a moving robot/person, recording security intrusion of a home, etc. You can use the Axon Mote as a USB oscilloscope.
    • compatible with the SoR Scope
    • has 7 10-bit 330ks/s ADC
    • stores data on microSD card
    • or transmits it wirelessly
    Wireless Transceiver
    With a wireless transceiver, you can create a remote controlled robot, allow swarm robots to communicate together, transmit data from your embedded datalogger, etc.
    • ZigBee 2.4GHz
    • can form mesh network
    • connect directly to PC by USB
    • or directly to robot by UART
    • very high range
    Robot Controller
    The Axon Mote is designed to work just like an Axon, and is just as easy to use. If you've already used an Axon, using the Axon Mote will be a breeze. The Axon Mote is designed for robots where size and weight are important. Its 3.3V operation allows you to use small 3.7V Lipo batteries.
    • Works just like an Axon
    • great for light-weight robots
    • can use as low as 3.7V battery
    • high-efficiency voltage regulator
    • 7 ADC, 7 digital PWM capable pins
    Other Features
    No messy breadboard wiring or expensive shields are required to make your robot with an Axon Mote. It's 100% plug-n-play - no external power buses required to plug in servos or sensors, literally taking minutes to set up. A bootloader is pre-installed so no hardware programmer is needed. Lastly, extensive source code and tutorials have been developed to make it easy enough for a beginner yet still powerful enough for an expert. For more details, refer to the Axon Mote Datasheet.
    • ATmega128RFA1
    • 7 10-bit ADC
    • 7 PWM
    • up to 7 servos
    • 16MHz at 16 MIPS
    • 128K flash, 4K EEPROM, 16K SRAM
    • 6 Timers (four 16-bit, two 8-bit)
    • SPI, I2C, USB, and UART
    • lowpower ZigBee Wireless
    • bootloader
    • 3.3V high-efficiency operation
    • Windows, Linux, Mac
    • all software is free
    • WebbotLib compatible

    Extended Wireless Features

    • AES 128 bit hardware accelerator
    • RX/TX indication (external RF front-end control)
    • Supported PSDU data rates: 250 kb/s, 500 kb/s, 1 Mb/s and 2 Mb/s
    • True random number generation for security applications
    • RSSI measurement, energy detection and link quality indication
    • fast settling PLL to support frequency hopping
    • Battery monitor

    No Soldering Required NO soldering or assembly required! Works right out of the box, with multiple working demo programs pre-installed.

    Full Personalized Support Full personalized support by the Axon Mote creator and SoR author himself! Stuck? Post a question in the robot forum and read previous Axon Mote questions - no question is left unresolved. I will be continually adding easy to use software to support all your favorite robot hardware. This is all included in the price. Remember to read the FAQ first before asking!!!

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