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    Battery Calculator

    The Energy Calculator is designed to help you decide 'how much energy do I need for my robot?' This information can then help you predict what battery you need.

    It is a supplement to the robot energy tutorial. If you do not understand how to use this calculator, please read the tutorial first.

    This calculator is more of a theoretical calculation, helping you determine the minimum battery/energy you need for your mission.

    You can use this calculator for all robot types, including wheeled, swimming, climbing, and flying. It can only be used with a jumping robot if it has low dampening ratio (the ground doesn't absorb all landing energy).

    Note that all entered values will be saved as a cookie on your computer (if you have cookies enabled) so you don't need to reenter anything on future visits.

    Robot Stats:
    Maximum Velocity
    Travel Distance (per Trip)
    Travel Final Height
    Trips trips
    Battery Voltage volts

    A Trip is the sum number of times your robot starts and stops divided by 2. Battery Voltage is the voltage your robot motors will be powered at. Travel Final Height is defined as ending_height - starting_height.

    Estimate Losses:
    De-acceleration Ratio (unitless)
    Energy Conversion Efficiencies
    Chemical % Mechanical %
    Electrical % Thermal %

    Remember to check the robot parts list to buy your batteries.

    Calculated Results:
    Total Energy Losses joules
    Total Efficiency %
    Required Energy (per Trip) joules
    Total Required Energy joules
    Estimated Time till Completion hours
    Required Battery mAh mAh

    Note that this does not account for your robot electronics power draw. To calculate exactly how long your robot will run before the battery is fully drained, enter Required Battery mAh calculated on this page into the mAh per Pack box on the Battery Calculator.

    Estimated Time till Completion in the energy calculator must also be lower than Typical Battery Life in the Battery Calculator.

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