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    Thanks for the emails, everyone! =)

    My Happy Face

    Feel free to add to my favorite forum post. And my newest favorite forum post.

    This guy is my hero. I built the $50 robot - you can actually control it with your shadow on a sunny day, using the basic Photovore code included in the tutorial. Thank you for sharing your genius with us !

    Dude, your site is very informative.

    I remember first seeing your site when i was (i think) 11. I was amazed at all the robots and all the things they could do. Your site was the start of my love for electronics, and more importantly, programming. I remember when i first saw your ERP robot. I was awestruck, I thought that the ERP was the neatest thing on the planet. I learned a lot from your tutorials, but the most from the one explaining how to make your own microcontroller. Well, i didn't know how to solder so i went out and picked up a new arduino uno. I remember first seeing your example code (the ones like "if coding = easy; print yay") and thinking how easy it must be to program things. Well i was sure surprised. I quickly picked up the language, though. After that I learned C++. I would simply like to state how much i enjoy your site and how much i have learned from it. I guess you should consider this fan-mail. One more thing: could you tell me a bit more in depth about how stampy's lock-on vision thing works? I would love to know more about that.

    I wanted to say thank you for putting together SoR and being so devoted to it to do this. I am one of those hopefuls wanting to get into robotics for grad school, but the job to pay off that undergrad degree, poor access to quality robotics programs within my means, and the costs, burdens and distractions of everyday life became my excuses. Good grades and want sometimes can't overcome where life takes us. I must say thank you for being honest and up front about the difficulties of getting into robotics. Your words on getting into robotics for me have been sobering, but encouraging.
    Appreciate your work good sir.
    Thank You,

    i am currently a student at ITT-Tech and studying Electrical Engineering. i really like what you do.

    Hello there, I just joined the Society, I am coding a 6 DOF robot arm with the great help of your page. So much straight to the point knowledge stored inside.

    today I've stumbled upon your site and I usualy don't do that, but this time I have to. I just wanted to congratulate you on this great, professional and even funny (!) source of real, practical and useful knowledge. They say there are two ways of sharing knowledge. One is "look how smart I am", the other is "look how easy it is" - you've managed to do it the third way: "look how easy it is, oh! and it's fun! :)" After reading your articles for an hour or so I feel like I've learned more about robotics/electronics than through my entire life.
    Thanks again.

    Hey i just wanted to say thanks for the website. Im an aerospace engineering major, and although i have been very curious about electronics, robotics and electrical engineering... it is not a primary focus in my field of study and therefore hard to learn as of I read your website in my freetime acquiring knowledge and practical skills. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    thank you very much for a very informative website - it's great!

    i am inspired by the way you are doing things, and sharing knowledge with whole world and making legitimate earning by making your product which fills up huge gap. I am really inspired.

    I just started my way in the robotics field and really impressed by your great tutorials and would like to thank you for your big support.

    Wow, I have just watched and read your first Robot tutorial. Amazing and thorough!! I felt like I had Ideas about what a wheel should do or how a part might look when it moves but the tutorial helped me get a sense of 1 whole robot rather than lots of separate bits controlled by goodness knows what!!

    I came across your sight and it was really good information and interesting.

    I have been reading through your website and must say it has been the best informative site I have come across so far. Thank you for all the "to the point" practical information.

    Is society of robots your website? If so, it's awesome! thanks, it is very usefull.

    For sure you're one of the best websites for online tutorials related to robots and electronics. Life would have been harder without your help. Thumbs up for SOR (Y)

    Your web site is the most informative resource on robotics, AI, and generally related awesomeness that I've found on the web. I studied comp-sci in college, I work in software development, and I've always wanted to hobby-around with robotics, but I didn't have much experience in hardware (other than automotive.) This site is seriously the best crash-course I could have asked for. Just giving you props :)

    Just wanted to say how much I�m enjoying the $50 robot project here.

    Hi! Watched your tutorial, great stuff you do man!

    The more I read on your site, the more I love it. Are you still active in robotics and updating the content? Keep up the great/entertaining work!

    Thank you, you've inspired me to make robots. keep up the good work.

    Firstly I just wanted to thank you so much for setting up and running such a great website. I'm in high school, and a few months ago I had decided to go into robotic engineering when I go to college, and so set about looking for basics to start over this summer. Coming upon your site, I was able to learn more than from all other sites put together! In fact, I have just placed my orders for all the parts in order to build the $50 robot, of which I will soon post pictures/a video in the forum.

    I am just beginning to work on a "real" bot after considerable time leaning what is available and basic robot control. I find your site essential to resolving real world development problems. Just finished going though the "Calculators" page. Your sensible approach to the physics combined with plug in examples ae a great help
    -John G.

    your tutorials are the best i have surfed the internet several times cheked many website but none of them is worth it but your's is the best
    -Elvis C.

    i assembled my first autotomic robot following instructions from it has launched me into a whole new world.

    I'm a big fan of your robots and SOR site. I want to start with robotics and I am planning to buy your axon II and start with something like your ERP.

    best website ever, alwase wanted to build a robot, and i finaly found something that'll teach me how!

    Hello there,
    my name is Chazz,I am seven years old. Could you,Sir,build me a robot? A nice one? A robot that could be my helper for doing things. Helping me by doing my homework and that can put his mind into mine,so that I know everything there is to know? But no baby-sitting!!
    I have all the plans what he should look like.
    You should build him a.s.a.p.
    (admin comment: ok, this isn't exactly fan mail, but couldn't resist putting this up)

    This site is great. I feel that the beginner robot tutorial was really straight forward to follow, but still left room for creativity which is great.

    Hi John, welcome to the team. I think we met Saturday at the Science and Engineering Festival. I didn't realize it until I followed your link, but I have had your website bookmarked for years and have referred to it many times for my own projects, it's a great resource.

    I'm kinda blown away by your website. By far the best one out there, as far as I'm concerned. And ERP is incredible - so glad you open-sourced it. I'm just getting back into robotics, so I'm going to start with something simpler - otherwise I'd be all over ERP and your Axon controller. But definitely next time. Keep up the great work.

    Hi my name is Andres and I�m from Colombia....I like the robotic and thanks to you I have been learning many good things about these great topics...Congratulations by your society of robots. ...ok thank you very much for everything and please continuos with this great Society of robots bye.

    Hello, First off, thank you for a great website full of helpful information. I found more useful information in one article than I have found in an entire day of searching. In particular, this is the article I found most helpful: I thought this article was perfectly aimed towards my knowledge and skill level. (B.S. computer science, full time PHP web developer, newly a robots hobbyist). I have been exposed to microcontrollers before but finally desired a more in depth and personal knowledge. I have only come across your site tonight, but I will definitely investigate Axon and what it is capable of, and likely purchase a couple! You are a great teacher!

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for your fantastic site. I want to learn a bit about robotics, (albeit a little late in life), and know nothing of electronics or programming, but I find your site laid out in an almost "Robotics for Dummies" way, and easy to follow. I don't understand most of it, yet, mind. You have definitely started me off and I have already ordered loads of stuff including the Axon2. Many thanks and regards,

    I wanted to just personally thank you. Because of your site I am in the process of building my own robot. Used heavily your design for the 50 dollar robot. I am having great fun with this and it is giving me some focus in my spare time. Just wanted to say that your site kicks ass and is very informative.

    Hi guys, First of all, thank you for all the useful articles on your website.

    First of all I would like to say that I really enjoy your videos and your website.

    Hello Admin, Thanks for the excellent website, if it wasn't for SoR I would never have been able to start in robotics. Thanks so much!

    Your tutorials is very addictive! You have great teaching skill ! Thank you !

    Before I say anything else, I just want to say this:

                _________   \              /  _______
     l          l        l   \            /   l
     l          l        l    \         /     l
     l          l        l     \       /      l______
     l          l        l      \     /       l
     l          l        l       \  /         l
     l_______   l________l        \/          l______
    your website.

    I have often used it to guide me through a couple of school projects. Such as my remote controlled car, Kothanator the third. Now i have awesome plans to build a robot.

    Thank you very much for the effort done. I really take a benefit from the topics.

    Great website, me and a group of fellas are into robotics too, when we were rookies we found a great deal of helpful tips in it for several competitions in the past.

    I watched your video regarding the blue tooth setup. You make this look so easy! I also took a quick look at the site where you sell the Axon micro controller and looked quickly at the tutorial for getting startred. Your instructions look like they are so well written with screen snap shots that I might even be able to do this. 5 star video sir!

    By the way...your website is AWESOME... Thanks for producing it. You have answered a host of questions I have had. WELL Done.

    you are perfect! thanks to you, my friend and i made a robot with photoresistors for a school project and our teacher worships us :) you are very very cool :) thank you again!!

    Hi Mr. Admin. It's impressive to see how much work's gone into this site. I wish it was around when I first built a robot, could have saved heaps of headaches!

    ...It means a lot to me to give back to SOR because it is where I got my start. Two years later I'm working on a contract that deals with full sized autonomous vehicles. I hope to bear the the fruits of my labors. So that others can achieve such successes.

    I want to reiterate that I have found your site to be a very helpful resource for all things robotics.

    love the site. your the single biggest help ive recieved about building robots. that includes my high school computer engineering classes.

    I would like to thank you IMMENSELY for providing this information in an easy to understand format. I know there are other websites that explain some of these concepts, but yours is step by step and just flipped the switch. So whether it was by fate or by luck, your posting just helped someone reach a life long goal and I can�t thank you enough.

    Love the site and all the content! wonderful work! I can't wait to get my hands on the Axon 2 !!!

    Hi, I personally appreciate all of the hard work that both you and webbotlib person is doing here!!!

    I'm a newbie and have been studying your site...planning to build my first robot. The best tutorial site out there! Thank you very much!

    Love the site!

    I was just reading youre text about how to build simple robot and was thinking its the best text I ever read. Its intresting , easy to read and funny. My electronics teacher should be like that then i would love that class (sadly hes not and its most booring class i have :S ). Ok, i just wanted to say thanks for having that page up ;D

    Just discovered your website and it is amazing.

    Your tutorials are really great for explaining some of issues that first time builders might run into, thanks for putting in all this time.

    ... Your website was extremely helpful in clearing up some questions I had about building color sensors.

    I have been a fan of your website for some time and know that you provide many good ideas and links for building robots . . . [edited]

    Dear Sir, Robot Guru, Saw your site 2-3 days back, It's so wonderful, fantastic and just hooks you up. Wanted to thank you so much for making a difficult subject so interesting and presenting it to a layman!! Please accept my sincere appreciation and wishes for the site and to you. Keep it up!!

    First of all thank you for providing such a vast source of information in your site. I found your site a year ago in search of learning about robotics. I constructed the $50+ dollar robot following your guidelines, and to make things short, I was able to get an engineering job because I presented it as a project (I'm a new college grad). The company isn't related with robotics but it does work with embedded systems, which is great.

    yeh great videos mate, id love to go to these things!
    are u the guy that runs society-of-robots?? that is the best robot site on the net. I got into robotics a few yeas ago for uni competitions and i cant tell you how great that site is. that website is the best mate! thanks for all the hard work!

    I'm Tommy from Egypt, and I wanted to say your website is GREAAAAAT..really, I never thought I would find easy tutorials like this for free...!!

    And btw u rock:) ur projects and works are cool. and ur website is really informative. learnt a lot from it:)
    keep up the good work! cheers!:)

    May i just say I love your site, like its a great inspiration and you got me really into robotics. Im working on some really cool stuff which when i was young dreamed of doing, so thanks

    I just wanted to thank you for your tutorial! My husband has been looking for a budget-friendly project to work on with his 13-yr-old son this summer, and we were not having much luck. Then I found your website, and the "$50 robot" looks fabulous! My stepson loves robots. Thank you so much for designing such a "beginner-friendly" project and putting it on the web; it is really nice of you!!

    Sorry to bug you but I really want to thank you for all your time and effort you put into setting up and administering the SoR website. Learning what little I know of robotics so far would have been so much harder had it not been for that.

    I want to begin by saying thank you for putting so much time and effort into SoR~ your dedication to the website and the education of other people is fantastic. It is a wonderful resource and has proven helpful time and time again.

    Simply put I like site and it's message. Pretty cool, keeping knowledge free... keeping with this trend allow me to extend my/our services for free.

    Dear Society of Robots Robot Master,
    I just wanted to write you a letter expressing my pleasure with your site and how you have helped me understand robotics on a deeper level. I have just ordered the Axon for my latest project as it seems to have the adequate I/O for my project and from what I've read is just an overall good (maybe the best) robot microcontroller. I hope to experience this myself very soon. [trimmed]

    Dude! I just wanted to thank you for this page . . . Please keep up the good work!

    Hello Admin
    My name is Roi and I'm from Israel. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your great forum and tutorials, I had a dream since I was 6 years old to build a robot and you with your wisdom's sharing, are more the helpfull. I wish I could contribute to the forum someday, Thanks Again.

    I dont know if you get this often but i just wanted to say a big thankyou. First for the great site you created. Second for sharing hard earned information with us Third for taking the time to improve the robotics community in general Fourth and lastly for making it as easy as possible for newcomers to integrate succesfully into a demanding hobby that with first steps can be extremely daunting.
    Its nice to know when your'e lost there will be somewhere to turn for guidance instead of people trying to carry your weight (which tends to make the learning curve that much steeper. Again a big THANKS!

    Thank you for such a useful web site. The information is clear and concise; a huge need when trying to teach robotics.

    Hey, Just writing to thank you. I've been feasting on all the great info. you've together on your site and I just can't get enough of it (even all the trig calculations). I'm actually a business student, sadly, but thanks to your site in part it's now possible for me to continue learning about electronics and robotics during my freetime. Who knows, may even change majors or go to grad school for it. So, just wanted to say thanks for all your great work. Unfortunately, I found your site too late in my early research and bought a BoE/Basic Stamp setup to get underway with newbie stuff, but you can be sure that my next augmented microcontroller will be an Axon. Looks great, and it gives me a great reason to finally learn C. Thanks again for your contribution to robotics enthusiasts everywhere, and please keep writing!

    i am going to make a robot that chases light. i want to make the chassis out of balsa wood. I plan to make a modification of your $50 robot ( assuming mine works). With most parts readily available mine should cost about $20 dollars. I learned almost everything i know about robots from your site in a none stocker kind of way.

    I found your site a few weeks ago and it has been an amazing source of knowledge for me. I'm just getting into robotics and was getting quite frustrated with how difficult it is to find tutorials and advice for absolute beginners, your site changed that! I think I've read almost all your tutorials and am about to start my first project . . . I just thought I'd tell you all that to show how much I appreciate all the work you've put into your site!

    I'm a highschool student and hoping to go to university next year to study for a degree in aerospace engineering. I've been visiting your website for a few months and have been greatly inspired with your tutorials and help that are available. I am a hobbyist of radio controlled airplanes and also like building robots for fun and knowledge. I'm highly motivated with the tutorials and videoes uploaded on the website and I'm will be making a start on building the $50 robot next week. So, i just wanted to know if i could get a membership in the society of robots. i've seen that you've done a gread job adding all the tutorials and i know that it wasn't easy. I know that all this information and knowledge will greatly help me with my studies and career. sincerely

    Just a note to say that your website and forum are pretty awesome. I haven't had a question I couldn't find the answer to yet around here. This robotic fish stuff you're working on sounds really interesting. I kind of wish I had spent more time in our robotics lab when I was in college. The physics department was like a universe unto itself so we never intereacted with other groups much haha. I"ve been itching to get an Axon and try it out! Thanks again!

    And by the way, your website is really helpful. Yesterday, at robotics meetup in NYC, i told everybody about your website and people seem to be very interested in it.

    I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks. This site, and the community you have built, is exactly what I have been looking for. You have taken a spark and transformed it into a wild fire. Hell, I even started a blog. I am so excited and have so much to say. No one really sees it yet, but if they do, they will see what you have put together too. Thank you very much,

    I found your site a year ago or so, and I just wanted to send you a personal note to tell you "great job"..... I am a MSME who is always looking for ways to learn new things, and your $50 robot is a great intro into microcontrollers. so far, I have created my board, successfully burned the "hold servo" program onto it, and am looking forward to making it scoot around the floor. Thanks,
    -Steve (swall)

    Having had very few people to guide me in the subject in High School, my only source of knowing about Robotics was SoR. I am deeply indebted to your website for introducing me to this ocean.

    I am a non member but I have been reading the content of this site a lot. Its extremely good. Really easy. Thanks for this approach for providing information on robotics. I am very grateful to you and wish you luck in future for going ahead with it. Regards,

    thanks for making this website it has been a great help for beginners in the robotic world and keep working on it

    man i'm building something to track the sun and i'm looking for step motors, and i stumbled upon your site and it has been a blessing. keep up the good work!

    I'm Ray, known as photray94 on your amazing website, Society of Robots! (Did I mention your site is amazing?!) The $50 robot tutorial seems like a great way to start/spark a passion for robotics . . .

    Thank you very much for setting up that site: it's my new favorite and I am a big fan!

    The website is great! It has lots of usefull content and everything is easy understandable even for us beginners. I also like the robots and the videos. Great work. Thank you and keep up the good work. :)
    greetings from Belgrade, Serbia

    man i'm building something to track the sun and i'm looking for step motors, and i stumbled upon your site and it has been a blessing. keep up the good work!

    ...Also I might add that all I've needed was this kit and this website and I've been able to figure everything out. The robot tutorial is excellent and I commend the moderators for such an awesome site. Its the only robot resource u'll need.

    I just recently discovered your website, and have found it to be extremely helpful! I am currently finishing my master's thesis in electrical engineering at the University of Wyoming, specializing in assistive technology (specifically smart wheelchair systems), so the great information on wide varieties of sensors and control algorithms is just marvelous.

    I just discovered your site, and it is the site I've been looking for.
    I've always wanted to build my own robots, but I'm a software guy, and my electronics skills are weak. I'm going to be looking over your tutorials very carefully over the next few weeks. Just went through your waterproofing tut, and I must say it's great work. (I also clicked on a few ads for you. :)
    Just wanted you to know your work is appreciated.

    I just wanted to write to you to say Good Work on your website. I first ran onto your website looking at a home made H bridge for my first robot. It was there I was introduced the MOSFET. Can't wait to get my hands on some.
    I also loved your robot tutorial. I am a programmer peeking into the world of robotics and love the more I look. First thing I noticed is I was quickly overwhelmed with terms, formulas, and expensive parts. Your tutorial simplified it all.
    Keep up the good work, also hopefully if I can speed up the rate of building and learning I may enter in your contest which I also think is great!
    Please keep up the good work for robot newbies like me :)

    I really want to thank you, ADMIN, for the awesome tutorials you have written up! The $50 robot is an awesome way to get everyone started. (You make it look waayyy to easy though) LOL

    I am sending you this pm to thank you for making this site! I have already made a post asking something and judging from the quality of the site I will have an answer in no time.

    Many thanks for the site. Confused students find it very useful =)

    I was going to write to you after actually finishing my robot...or at least starting it for that matter. But I felt compelled to write to you after finding your site. I can already tell that your website will ultimately make me sucessfull in building my first robot! Your good humour and info that you display makes it easy for me to read the articles on your website. As well, the multitude of pictures were a refreshing change from other websites I come upon, where text after text is hard to follow and boring. I have decided to build a remote-controlled robot from scratch for my Grade 12 Computer Engineering course, and I know your site will help me do it. I had no idea where to start. I'm pretty good with electronics but have never built a remote control robot from scratch before. So thanks in advance, your site is great. I'll recommend it to anyone else looking for info on how to build a bot for their first time.
    Much Thanks,

    I have really become a big fan of your site. I send anyone who comes to me with any interest to your site. And congratulations on the paper award. I read your work, it is a pretty cool idea.
    -Jim, Systems Engineer, Raytheon Company

    hey, congrats dude, what you do here is amazing! you've been answering every question, even two of mine, in a pretty damn short time. i've been reading the tutes for a while, and only after some time i decided to actually join the forums. if you wrote them, well, that's even more amazing. ...bravo, again, and best of all!

    yesterday I won co - grand champion for my highschool sciencefair for work with autonomous object avoidance. there is no way I could have done it without you guys, I thank you soooo much for helping me debug my code and putting up with my attitude problems / bossyness at the 11th hour, (aka, as I was sitting there with a dysfunctional robot less then 48 hours befor the due date.) now I go to regional science fair in 2 weeks. thanks for this opertunity. and thanks admin, for running the coolest robotics forum Ive ever seen. (actualy,i think its the only, pure robotics forum Ive ever seen)
    -maverick monk

    Hi everyone, I have been using this site for about 6 months now and would first like to say how brilliant it is and the resources available on it have been extremely useful to me.

    I must tell you how fantastic SOR is AND how instrumental it has been for me the last three years. I have found nothing like it on the web - you have the complete package deal. Kudos!
    -Don, ACME Robotics

    admin this whole site is amazing i was looking into getting into robotics for quite sometime but this is by far the best site out there couldnt imagine building one without SoR

    I try to browse the forums and answer random questions to the best of my abilities... but compared to you it's nothing. I suddenly realized how much input you put into this site, the dedication.
    I felt the need to pm you and thank for all your work! I don't know if i'd have ever gotten this far without this site.
    Thank you!!

    Your website is the best. :D

    Very impressive web site, especially for a one man noncommercial site. Good mix of the elementary stuff needed by beginners and the formulas and more complicated stuff needed by more advanced people.
    -William, Senior Engineer, Robo Vac Systems Inc.

    Cheers and thanks for all the effort you have put into making a very informative and easy to grasp site!

    I found your website and ideas very insightfull.

    Hello, I just came upon your website and find it really fascinating. I cannot believe I haven't heard/seen it before. What a great resource for introducing people to robotics!

    Nice website BTW, I have been able to find many important resources here.

    thanks for such a great resource for novice robot builders!

    Thats a great website you've put together. I've visited it many times to learn stuff. I am also a member on the forum. I graduated from Stevens-Tech, NJ with a degree in electrical engineering and enjoy robotics as a part-time hobby.

    I must say you've got a great site here, it's the best site I've run into in all my robot research. (and I've done a load ;)) respect, and I'm gladly contributing my part to this community by sharing my knowledge.

    First of all, thanks for your time & this truly great website - I have made the choice to follow YOUR $50 robot to build my very first bot! Why I would follow your lead for my very first forray into this discipline is testament to your website, your knowledge and your writing clarity. Thank you.
    -Dan (iCopyright_Everything)

    You have a great web site. I am going to spend a lot of time going through the whole site.

    i have learned A LOT from this tutorial and i think it is invaluable to read this if you are a beginner.

    Just really exciting stuff, and I love the site.

    Nice job you make here with this site/forum/tutorials =) You really create a community. Keep up the good work! ;)

    Thank you for your time and keep up the great website! (:

    Greetings! First off I would like to say I love the work you have done on this website and I love how straightforward it is and how helpful it is. Thanks for taking the time to make it =)

    I have visited your site for the first time and I am really impressed by the robots you have built in particular the Taurus 2. Good job. Hopefully one day I hope i'll post some robot which I'll will build -gaining a lot of cdrive from your site.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.
    Best Regards,

    I just noticed your nice web site. I didn't know about your site until today and I find it very good. Really. Robotics and electronics is close to my heart and I am actually building a new robot these days.

    tnx to whoever made society of robots! great site! =)

    Our family enjoyed your tutorial on building your first robot. Our boys are 7 and 10 and just getting intruiged by robots.
    -Annette and family

    thanks for making this forum posible to us...CHEERS!!

    I've been a frequent visitor and have been reading the wonderful tutorials on this site-- they are very helpful.

    Congratualtions for putting up such an amazing robotics website. I wish i have seen a website like this five years back.

    I have seen your robot tutorial, and I find it amazing and very usefull. It was an inspiration to my one2one project at college. I study postgraduate architecture in London Royal Collage of Art.

    Hello, I came across your site a few weeks ago when doing some background research and I've been going there quite frequently ever since. I think it's probably the best non-commercial robotics resource online certainly my favorite.

    Hello, i am a 1st year IT student in greece, and i relly admire your effort . . .

    Hey, I love the website and I think you've done great with your tutorials. I really like all of this stuff and robotics fascinates me. I'm just a beginner, and I haven't built anything yet. I've been reading your tutorials (and they've really been helping)...

    I've built a few bots and made some kits for beginners in my club. I really enjoyed your society of robots site. I am a computer scientist that does this for fun so I lack some of the engineering underpinnings, which I think you did an excellent job of presenting in very simplified form.

    Thanks for the great vision tutorials ... I really enjoyed them.

    Just wanted to tell you thanks for all the very useful information on engineering robots. I am a second year student at Mesabi Range Community and Technical College and am enrolled in the Electrical and Industrial Automation Technologies program. I am in the process of desing and building a robot for one of the taconite mines up here in northern minnesota. The robotic tutorials have been extremely helpful.
    Thank you again!

    Thank you for a wonderful site.

    I'm a robotics enthusiast from Lithuania. I really enjoyed reading Your articles at Very, very impressive!

    I have been into amature robotics (mostly using Parallax Basic Stamps) for over 8 years, but never came across your site (until today, when there was a reference to it in a post on Parallax's forums)... Your site is great!!!! I was just about to make an investment in welding equipment, and read your overview about braising... awsome info! I just wanted to say "thanks" for a great website! Organized, well written, and an active forum!!! I will be visiting every day! Keep up the great work!

    Hey, its really very great to see such a brilliant site for people like me to fulfill their dreams, im working on my own and the material wat i got from this site and still getting it is commendable and really very very appreciable. im just a beginner and dont know much abt electronics, microcontrollers, mechanics etc but hav some knowledge of databases, website development if u need any help regarding that then im always there for that and for such a great person

    First of all thank you so much indeed for this web site. It is really first aid help for those new in robotics. ... Thank you again for your sharing of knowledge I reeeaaaaaaally appreciate it.

    I'd just like to thank you for creating I had great fun reading your material! Wonderfully organized and well written. Keep up the great work!

    i am a satisfied customer

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    I like your site. PS: Gun control is for robots.

    here in the robotics society also i have asked all the newcomers and the experienced ones to see the SoR website for information on robots

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    SoR - The best tutorial I've ever read. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your material. I have some more than basic knowledge in physics, but your stuff is so much fun to read and gives some details about running over the neighbor's cat that you can't find in the books :) Awesome.

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    I was looking around tonight for some circuits and saw your site. It seems you are well up to speed on some things I need to learn as well.

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