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    The Blade CX Helicopter is one of the cheapest full-featured remote control helicopters on the market. A friend of mine had given me one as he was moving, so figured it was a good chance to play around with it and figure out how it worked.

    The following images and video are for anyone who wants to see how it works. Just click on any image to see it in full high resolution. You can purchase the Blade CX Helicopter at Amazon .

    Hacked Images

    Blade CX Helicopter

    There are two el-cheapo DC motors, each driving a really large gear on the bottom of the helicopter. One gear per blade. Sorry, too lazy to take a pic of that for now . . .

    Blade CX Helicopter

    The blades have hit my walls dozens of times barely chipping. The one time the blade hits my soft carpet a huge chunk comes off . . . the irony! Luckily I had an extra set, only taking me about 5 minutes to swap it out.

    Blade CX Helicopter broken blade

    Blade CX Helicopter

    Blade CX Helicopter

    Blade CX Helicopter

    The battery that came with the Blade CX died, so I bought a slightly better one that fit perfectly from Tenergy. It slips right in at the bottom.

    Battery Specs: 7.4V, 900mAh, Li-Polymer 25C
    Max Continuous Discharge 22.5A
    Max Burst 27A for 5 seconds, OK for every 30 seconds
    Max Charge Rate 0.9A
    Dimension: 68.2x 24.5 x 12.2 mm
    Weight: 45.3g / 1.6oz

    Blade CX Helicopter

    The struts kinda sucked, and one of them snapped on a landing. Scotch tape holds, but duct tape would be better.

    Blade CX Helicopter

    Notice the tail doesn't have a rotor, because the helicopter has counter-rotating blades. The black paint is chipping off a bit (its natural color is yellow, but that wasn't ninja-like enough). You can see the end of the 10.5" antenna sticking out at the very end.

    Blade CX Helicopter

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