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    The Bootloader

    This bootloader is designed to work on 64 bit Windows. Credit goes here.

    STEP 1: Download Bootloader GUI Download the .exe into into the SAME folder as your .hex file. Ideally, the file path should have no spaces.

    Prog Loader

    STEP 2: Select Options

    Now, open up a command prompt by right clicking Start at the bottom left.
    and typing in 'cmd' and pushing ok:

    A new command prompt should open up. Using the command 'cd', go into the directory that has your code and prog_loader.exe.

    STEP 3: Run Bootloader

    Make sure your Axon USB is plugged in, and power turned off.

    Type in the command:
    Prog_loader COM1 A1.hex.

    Where COM1 is your port and A1.hex is your compiled program. If you do not know your COM port, in Windows, click:

    Start->Settings->Control Panel->System

    A new window will come up called 'System Properties'. Open the Hardware tab and click 'device manager'. A new window should then pop up. Click 'Ports (COM & LPT)', and check the COM for CP210x.

    The .hex file name MUST be 8 characters or less or it will not work (a bug in the bootloading software). It works with COM1 to COM9.

    Press enter FIRST, and then turn on your device. It should now upload your .hex file.

    note: It's default 38400

    It didn't work? Read the bootloader debugging checklist.

    Prog Loader

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