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    ROBO-ONE 2010

    About Robo-One
    Throughout the month of March, 2010, there were quite a few robot competitions going on in Tokyo. Obviously it was the best time to plan my 16-day vacation to Japan =)

    By far the most popular is the Robo-One competition, pitting semi-remote controlled bipedal robots in a fun to watch sumo-style fight to the . . . ummmm ground?

    The RoboOne competition is split into two days, one for Robo-One Light and the other for the heavier weight Robo-One. In 2010 it was held from March 20-21st in Kawasaki, Japan (about 45 minute trip from Asakusa station in Tokyo).

    Robo-One Rules in a nut-shell
    Without boring you on the pages of Japanese-language-only rules, here is a quick summary.

    To win, your robot must fell the opposing robot or knock it out of the ring no less than 3 times. Only intentional attack moves count, meaning accidentally knocking the opposing robot down (unofficially called 'no no no', when everyone thinks it was a knockdown but it's really not), or the opposing robot falling on its own (called 'slip') doesn't count as a point. And yes, it's all a bit subjective, as the ref makes all the calls.

    click below for high res image

    Robo-One Group Photo

    A tie will result in another battle round, and/or judges making a final decision to break the tie. If your robot 'sleeps' often, expect to lose . . .

    Robots have weight and dimension constraints, a fight lasts 3 minutes, and it's done in single elimination style.

    Oh, and if you plan to compete, note that its rare to find an English speaker in Japan. So get someone to help translate anything that doesn't sound like 'fight!'.

    Pics and Videos
    Enough with boring details - fight!
    Robo-One Photo Album Robo-One Photo SlideShow
    . . . apologies for the blurriness, the lighting wasn't so great . . .

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