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    SoR Scope

    What is the SoR Scope?
    The SoR Scope is a software program designed to convert your microcontroller into a free oscilloscope. Who wants to spend hundreds or thousands on a clunky oscilloscope anyway? No programming necessary.

    At the moment it only works for the Axon and Axon II microcontrollers, of which it was designed for and comes will full support. With the Axon, you effectively have a 16 channel oscilloscope with 8 or 10 bit resolution.

    The SoR Scope sample speed, during ideal conditions, will max out around 1.5 kilosamples per second. This is much faster than you'll need for most every-day testing.

    STEP 1: Download SoR Scope

    Save the setup file to your PC, then install.
    SoR Scope (800kb)

    STEP 2: Upload .hex to Axon

    A program is needed tell the Axon to send data to your PC. Fortunately for you, I have written and pre-compiled several for your choosing. You don't need to write a single line of code.

    Download this file and unzip into a folder.

    Precompiled .hex oscope programs

    You'll see many different .hex files. Select the one you want, and then upload it to your Axon using either the bootloader or AVR Studio like normal.

    After uploading the program, turn off your Axon.


      All files compiled to work at baud 115200kbps.

      To choose a file, first decide if you are using the Axon or Axon II.

      The A represents the number of ADC ports you are using. For example, A8 means you are using ports 0->7. More ports means slower reading.

      The P represents the prescale. A higher prescale means more accurate readings, at the cost of speed.

      If you aren't happy with the precompiled options, contact me to request a custom .hex file. Or see SoR_Scope in the Axon II WebbotLib demo programs.

    STEP 3: Run SoR Scope

    Run SoR Scope. You should see a window that looks something like this:

    SoR Scope Screenshot

    Select the correct Port, and click Config to select the Baud rate. All other options will work fine left as default.

    When you are ready, click Connect.

    Now turn your Axon on, and data should now start appearing. Feel free to fiddle with the options.


    By default hardware you can only measure 0V to 5V signals. However, by connecting amplifiers or voltage dividers to the Axon ADC, you can measure any voltage you want. Depending on which DAQ .hex file you use, you can measure signals as fast as ~70us. Pefect for looking at servo PWM or anything else you need measured.

    You can also save your data for analysis, or to share. Use the Snapshot! to print the screen, or File->Save sensor data to save raw data.

    This is a saved data file you can use to test out the SoR Scope software, if you do not own a microcontroller to get data in real-time.

    Axon data dump (1.3mb)

    Using the SoR Scope with the $50 Robot
    coming as soon as I get off my lazy butt . . .

    Credits and Questions
    The SoR Scope is something I had been dreaming of for years, but it never happened until the user cosminprund offered his time and programming skills. All credit goes to him!

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