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    Robot Sumo in DC

    Robot Sumo in DC

    Society of Robots and our sponsor Dimension Engineerinng
    gladly announce Sumo DC '07 for Washington, DC.

    Basic Info
    When? 2007 ***

    Where? University of Maryland Campus, ~5 miles outside Washington, DC

    Who? Anyone is welcome!

    FREE to all! Sign up here.

    *** Due to a low sign-up, the event has been canceled. =(
    If you are interested in a rescheduled event, please sign up anyway. When enough people sign up, I will reschedule.

    Sumo Robot Sumo Robot

    The rules do not differ significantly from sumo rules of most other competitions. The first and foremost rule is simply to have fun0.

    1. The intention of all hereafter rules are based on maximizing fun.

    2. First robot physically touching out of the ring, loses. First robot that flips, loses.

    3. All robots must be fully autonomous, meaning not remote controlled or tethered.

    4. Vehicle Maximum Specifications

      a) Vehicle dimensions must not exceed 10" length x 10" width at all times. This rule exists because of a limited size playing field.

      b) Maximum vehicle speed must not exceed 1 ft/s. This is because the competition wants to emphasize algorithms, sensors, and robotic intelligence over physical force.

      c) Mass must not exceed 1.36kg (3 pounds).

    5. No weapons (this isnt battlebots!).

    6. No damaging, marking, or otherwise contaminating the playing field at any time (glues, etc.). Robots unintentionally falling apart is ok.

    7. Scoring method will be determined the day of competition - round robin or double elimination - by a vote of all team members on competition day.

    Sumo Robot

    Playing Field
    The brown colored playing field will be square (because I cant draw a circle) with below dimensions. A layer of 1" white masking tape will border the edges. The dimensions will be about 3 feet by 3 feet.

    Sumo Playing Field

    Order of Events
    1. Teams set up their robots in the starting box simultaneously (1 minute allowed).
    2. Judge says 'go.' The round starts immediately.
    3. Teams activate their robots with non-contact switches (photoresistor, IR, remote control, sonar, etc.).
    4. Round ends when called by judge.
    5. The robot that wins 2 out of 3 rounds is considered winner.

    First and Second place prizes will be awarded.

    First place prize has been donated by Dimension Engineering, a developer of RC and robotics related parts.

    Dimension Engineering

    They will be donating a Sabertooth dual 5A motor driver, valued at $60.

    A second place prize will be announced if there are a large number of competitors.

    Additional Notes

      * Please note that the above rules are an oversimplification. If you feel your robot fits questionably within the rules (loopholes, weird ideas, etc.), please post your question in the robot forum sumo posting.

      * If you feel a rule is too over restricting and takes away fun, please do write us.

      * Judge has ultimate decision power over rules (dont worry, I prefer voting)

      * I, admin, will be excluded from winning a prize and scoring. I will just compete with my sumo robot for fun. =) Why else would I give all my secrets away for?

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